About Us

Dukat is a new company, created in 2017, part of a consolidated company from more than 27 years, like Lufra. Our main mission is to take care of our clients health by offering them the best quality water, untouched as created by nature.


dukat water is collected from an underground aquifer, located more than 180 meters under the surface. This aquifer is isolated from the surface by a fortes of hard geological layers built from nature through thousands of years. This is the reason that dukat water has the best parameters which are stable throughout all months of the year. The springs stability was proven by monthly tests for 2 consecutive years.

The Bottling Plant

Our bottling plant is fully automated, digitalised and equiped with the most modern water packaging technology. The whole investment is made with new German technology in 2018. We also are proudly equipped with ISO 22000:2005 certification.


We can distribute in every corner of Albania, every day. Our distrubution network, except the dukat fleet, is also helped from the mother company distribution fleet, Lufra. We are just one call away.


dukat water has the ideal amount of the two main minerals that are found in drinking water, 64,2mg/l Calcium and 21,4 mg/l Magnesium in a perfect ratio of 1/3 where per each 1 mg of Magnesium there is 3 mg of Calcium. Calcium has a direct impact on the health of your bones whereas Magnesium helps directly with your hearts health. Magnesium in the same time helps the human body to absorb Calcium better, hence the ratio of 1/3 is important. If you don’t belive us, you can always google it.

dukat Spring

Dukat water starts on a cloud and falls over the ancient pines of Mount Çika and than goes underground. It filters slowly though volcanic rocks where it gets rich in minerals and electorlites which give dukat its soft taste. Than it is collected from an underground aquifer which is protected by geological layers over it, untouched by men until you open the bottle.

Human Resources